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The Bead League FORUM area (Message Board) is now open, and we are looking for what you would like to see or find on our sites.  You can jump in and talk with us there, or on our main beading board at BeadBanter.com.

The Pittsburgh Bead Scene information site will be the BEST site for what is going on in Pittsburgh area Beading.  It's your "Bead News" site for local and regional beading and beadwork events.

If you have a club or group in areas outside of Pittsburgh, we might be able to arrange an area for your listings, or if you have a listings site, a simple link such as http://beadscene.com/yourgroup or http://yourgroup.beadscene.com  type linking.)

We are planning a bead convention for Pittsburgh, since there do not seem to be any. There is an annual gem & mineral show, with a minor in beads, but no real bead show.

If you are a vendor, interested in targeting the untapped Pittsburgh market, please drop us an email. You'll be in on the ground floor, with the best rates, and perpetual charter status.

If you'd like to join in, add your two cents, or otherwise find out more, visit us at:

BetterBeads.com or BeadBanter.com

You can chat, interact, and find out more in our forum:
Pittsburgh BeadCon Message Board


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